3 Signs You Can’t Ignore: How to Know You Are Living Purposefully – Javnyuy Joybert

At some point in this life, we all find ourselves at a crossroads at some point, asking the big question: “What’s my purpose?” 

We look for purpose and ask questions because deep down, we want our lives to matter. We want to wake up every day feeling like we are on a clear path, not just going through the happenings.

From experience and research, I have concluded there are 3 key elements you will find in the life of someone who has truly discovered purpose. 

Let’s get down to the 3 elements. 

Element 1: Vision

It’s the dream, the big picture of what you want your life, career and business to look like. Imagine it as vividly as you can with deadlines. 

Element 2: Mission

This is the day-to-day stuff you need to do to make that vision come alive. If your vision (which comes from your purpose) is to be healthy and fit, you need to have a daily mission. 

Element 3: Core Values. 

These are your non-negotiables, the principles you won’t bend for anything. Maybe it’s honesty, or kindness, or resilience or hard work or collaboration or innovation or respect. These values are your foundation, the concrete slab your house is built on. If you compromise these, the whole house could come tumbling down. – Javnyuy Joybert

If you have genuinely found your purpose, you will see these three elements manifesting in your life. You won’t have to force it; it will come naturally. Imagine a life where you are living your vision, fulfilling your mission, and staying true to your core values. Sounds like a life worth living, doesn’t it?

What is your vision?

What is your daily mission?

What are your top 4 core values in life?

Let me walk you through an example;

Let us assume you discovered your purpose to contribute to the fight against poverty. 

Your Purpose Statement may look like:

“Empowering rural communities to break the cycle of poverty through education, resource allocation, and sustainable development.”

Vision Statement:

“Creating a future where every rural household in Cameroon has access to quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, thereby eradicating poverty and improving lives in rural areas by 2040.”

Daily Mission:

– Education: Collaborate with local schools to implement educational programs that are accessible and relevant to the needs of the community leading to income generation.

– Resource Allocation: Work with local governments, NGOs, International agencies, Elits to provide essential resources like clean water, electricity, and healthcare.

– Sustainable Development: Engage community members in sustainable agricultural practices that will provide long-term income.

– Advocacy: Raise awareness about rural poverty through social media, workshops, and partnerships with other organizations.

Top 4 Core Values:

– Empathy: Understanding the unique struggles faced by each community and tailoring solutions that meet their specific needs.

– Integrity: Keeping commitments, being transparent about the allocation of resources, and consistently acting in the community’s best interest.

– Sustainability: Focusing on long-term solutions that empower communities to maintain progress and improvements without external support.

– Collaboration: Building partnerships with local governments, organizations, and the community members themselves to achieve common goals.

Use the above example, create sometime and write yours. 


Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

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