Why Your Endless Hard Work Have Not Yielded Results in Career & Business – Dr. Joybert Javnyuy

Why Your Endless Hard Work Have Not Yielded Results in Career & Business – Dr. Joybert Javnyuy 

A young man reached out to me and asked for coaching, and in one of his messages, he said, “I have done everything I know and yet nothing is moving in my business.” 

In the course of talking with him, we discussed a few things regarding his business, and one of the things we spoke about is what I want to share with you today.

If you consistently work hard on something, put in your best effort, and yet the results do not commensurate with the hard work you are putting in, there is something you do not yet know about that thing you are working on that you need to know.

If you consistently work hard, give it your all, and still don’t see the results that match your efforts, there is something missing in your understanding of the task at hand.

Hard work (diligent work), is a reliable force that consistently yields results. It’s irreplaceable. 

Before you argue that smart work is better than hard work, consider that smart work combines the right knowledge and tools with hard work to achieve desired outcomes. Having the tools and knowledge but not being willing to put in the necessary effort isn’t smart work; it is laziness.

Here are some questions to ponder if you are working hard but not seeing the right results:

Are you diligently working on your career but not seeing any progress? Ask yourself, what do I need to learn about career growth that I might not know yet?

Are you putting effort into your business, but growth and profitability remain difficult? Consider what insights you might be missing about enhancing business growth and profitability.

Hard work should be fulfilling, not a struggle.

It becomes enjoyable when it leads to results, and burdensome when it doesn’t.

I often say, “The quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of the results you get in life & career.”

Working hard without direction in your career or business will not take you far. 

Instead, seek to understand the nuances of your work, ask the right questions, and be ready to adapt your strategies. 

This will not only enhance your work but will also pave the way to greater success and satisfaction.

Before I go, here are some questions I encourage you ask before you continue working hard;

– What specific goals am I working towards in my career and business?

– What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) for my role/business, and how do they measure up?

– Have I sought feedback from mentors, peers, or customers recently?

– Am I prioritizing my tasks effectively to maximize productivity and impact?

– What new skills or knowledge do I need to acquire to advance further?

– How well am I networking within my industry?

Which of the above questions do you need to sit and seek the right way out?

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