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Thousand years ago, wealth was found in lands. The person who owned land owned that wealth. The more land you had, the more wealthy you were. 

After this age came the industrialization age. During this age, wealth was found in industries and factories. People who owned or occupied great positions in the oil, copper, tin, and rubber factories to name a few were the wealthiest. The more of these  resources you had, the more wealthier you became. The success of this age increased with the manufacturing of the steam engine, which increased the productivity and transportation of the various resources. 

The industrialization age grew to give the floor to the information age.

The information age is the age in which we are currently living now. 

In this information age, wealth is not found in lands or in raw materials like gold, silver,  diamond and all the rest but wealth is found information (proof is that Africa contains all these resources but are still poor and underdeveloped because they are  less informed.) 

The more informed you are in this age, the more wealthy you become. 

It’s your capacity to get correct and proven information in this age that makes you wealthy. 

What is very interesting in this age is that information is everywhere and can be gotten by everyone at any time and most of the time for free. 

Meaning that in this age, everyone has the possibility of getting rich as everyone has access to information. 

I will like to be precise and emphasize the fact that, even though wealth is found in information, not every information can make you rich. 

The quality of the information you get and from whom you get it is very important. 

In summary, wealth is found in the right information, gotten at the right time and from the right person. 

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