Just Having a #Dream Will Not Make You Successful – Javnyuy Joybert

Just having a #dream will not make you successful.

Did I break your heart? Oya read further.

I was speaking in a conference of about 350 participants and I asked a question “How many of you had a dream 5 years ago to be successful by now?”

More than 95% raised their hands excitedly. Then I asked “How many of you are already living that dream?” Barely 10 shying timid hands up

See, everyone has a dream but not everyone has BECOME the person to make that dream happen. That’s the difference.

“Until you BECOME you cannot make it happen” Javnyuy Joybert

When it comes to living your dreams, becoming is more important than just having the dream.

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To become means there is a complete change in your behaviour, daily habits, thinking pattern, friends, hard work style, high level commitment, ceaseless passion, skillset and competence.

You cannot be the same person you have been many years ago but expect to live your dreams in 2022 that’s pure witchcraft.

That’s why I wrote the book “35 Days of Re-Defining You for Success” which we have sold close to 3000+ copies both hard and soft copies in 7 countries in exclusive sales. This book is a Re-Defining tool to aid the user BECOME the person that is qualified to live that dream.

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You want to start making 1000 000FCFA monthly, become the person who can make & manage that amount.

You want to be seen on the global stage, become the person with the right skills that the Global stage needs.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur with great sales then become an Entrepreneur with the right skills in sales….


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Don’t watch too much TV or movies, stop fooling around and gossiping, read books as much as you can, go to seminars and trainings. Always increase your value, because we get paid for the value we bring. What can you bring to the African market place?

Hear me well, Aspire to create, achieve and build great value.

Dreams only materialize through consistent priority actions.

It does not matter how big or how small your dreams are; what is important is that you believe in them enough to work hard to achieve them.

You are Rare, You are Remarkable

Super Glorious Week Ahead

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

Mr. Remarkable

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