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Let’s talk some business….

To win in business as a startup founder, as an executive, it is your responsibility to master the art of intentionally striving toward competence (success) and striving away from incompetence (failure).

To strive towards success in business, 3 elements are critical;
– Building & releasing the right energy
– Deep conviction you are on the right path (business direction)
– Competent relevant behavior

To succeed in business, you require more than good capital and developing a perfect product.

There are other core elements that directly stem from the visionary and if poorly harnessed, they can jeopardize the effective operations of the business.

When the 3 elements above are in sync, every day, the Entrepreneur learn something new which will help him/her make better decisions and shape the business path forward.

As an entrepreneur, you begin to lose the very essence of your vision when you allow fear, uncertainty & doubt to consume you.

This is why, in business it is critical to have this deep conviction you are in the right business and ready to build for the long term.

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Hear this;
As an entrepreneur, measuring success in terms of forward momentum or progress is what makes sense. You strive for success. In business, success is a journey, not a destination. You take action, make decisions, and get others actively involved as an executive.

As an entrepreneur and executive, one clear sign you are striving towards success, is your clear mission to propel your business to sustainability, growth and ultimate greatness in the industry, nation and continent you operate.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to strive towards success and strive away from incompetence (failure).

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Dr. Javnyuy Joybert
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