Will People Celebrate Your Rising or Your Fears? – Javnyuy Joybert

Tomorrow, Will People Celebrate Your Rising or Your Fears?

Read that again!

Few days from now, a few weeks from now, a few months from now, a few years from now, will your friends, family members, village people celebrate your rising or your fears? Celebrate your courage or your averageness? Celebrate your actions in Faith or your mediocrity in laziness?

But wait ooh, in all your life on Earth, have you ever seen where people gather to celebrate someone for his or her fears, for being lazy, for being mediocre, for not taking actions, for being good at complaining and blaming etc? Have you ever seen it?

People only gather to celebrate the rise to greatness, to celebrate incredible results, to celebrate record breakers, to celebrate excellence, to celebrate bold actions, to celebrate people who live on purpose, to celebrate people who conquered their fears and failures and succeeded.

You are busy sleeping as if you are in a competition.
You are busy procrastinating as if you are doing it for someone.
You are busy going to nightclubs, partying up and down, getting drunk 3 days on weekends as if you were born to be lousy.
You are busy being comfortable and making unnecessary noise with nothing to show for in your career and life.
You are busy spending 4 hours plus daily to watch movies with nothing tangible to show for meanwhile you do not have plans to become a successful actor/actress.

You are busy just existing. Well, with this kind of life, parents will use you as an example to advise their children in your village. No one will celebrate your mediocrity. They will only gossip about it. You will hear parents telling theirs “Do you want to grow up and be like so and so…look at their life, nothing to write home about”

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As a human being, through your rising, you bring transformation, prosperity, contribute to positive #legacy and more. Through your fears, you bring stagnation and destruction only.

Some of us have chosen to rise. To rise beyond our backgrounds. You are one of those rising. So rise.

“Each day, we test our limits / And reach out for the light / Each day, we spread our knowledge / And shine our colours bright”
Let me ask you, what will you do this week and this month? Rise or remain in fear? Do you need free coaching on anything in particular in your life, career or business? Whatsapp +237674949153 (send the message with your name. Feel free to save the number)

Happy Rising Week

You are Rare & Remarkable

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert
Mr Remarkable

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