The Source of Your Struggles? Javnyuy Joybert

Is this the source of your struggles in 2022?

November 2022 is almost gone meaning 2023 is closer than you think ooh😁. Do you desire to upgrade your lifestyle next month or next year? Well I don’t mean the level 2 upgrade that many of us focus on, I mean level 1 upgrade. Because level two upgrade depends on level 1 upgrade. 

Many people skip level 1 upgrade and focus on level 2 upgrade and that’s why they still struggle in life even after upgrading. They upgrade things like

– Dressing style

– Accent

– Go to bigger bars & clubs 

– Body complexion

– Jewelleries

True lifestyle upgrade starts from within, not externally. 

Check people who focus on external upgrade, they live beyond their means and always trying to catch-up. They struggle to catch up because they do not have the value system to attract benefits.  

Level 1 upgrade should be your first upgrade. And this involves upgrading

– Your attitude 

– Your mindset 

– Your ability to create value (upgrade your Competence/skills). Take a free and discount online course with Peak Performers University. Visit  

– Your personal binding core values & life principles

– Your spiritual life

– Your ability to be focus & effective

– Your self esteem & confidence

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– Your level of self discipline

– Your ability to use time right

– Your ability to take self responsibility

Many people are in misery year in year out because they upgrade from the wrong perspective. 

From today, upgrade level 1 and watch how level 2 (external) will come to you. You will not struggle for it. If you have money problems, check your level 1 status.  

These relevant internal changes (level 1) will make a huge difference. Our success greatly relies on these internal upgrades. 

A Slay Queen/King will focus on level 2

A lady with Classic Excellence & Gentleman will focus on level 1


And there is nothing wrong fully operating from level 1 and 2. Get level 1 right and you will get level 2 right

Which one are you? 

Have a super fun day. 

You are Rare You are Remarkable

Dr. Javnyuy Joybert

Mr Remarkable

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